100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee the quality of all our products and since we started trading in 2009 we have seen last than 5 items returns in total each year. As our business has grown substantially over these years we have managed to keep quality in our product and custom service to the level we would expect when shopping online with any other reputable company. This attention to detail in every stage of our product from development to being received by you our customer has allowed us to keep the quality and custom satisfaction at 100% year after year.

All our products are made to the highest standards and quality checked both before going in to stock and once again before being dispatched.

We ensure that all items dispatch are in mint, brand new original condition with no defects. We package all items in bubble wrap and official courier post bags to help ensure there is no damage in transit to you.

If in the unlikely event you receive your item/s and there is a defect of any kind simply contact us via email at [email protected] within 24 hours of receiving your item and attached an image of the defect. All damaged items will be replaced free of charge once the damaged item has been returned to us for inspection and approved for replacement.

If your item has been damaged in transit this is covered by the shipping company and all details are supplied to customers via when an item is shipped. We are also happy to help resolve any issues relating to damage during shipping.

If you have made a purchase from our website and have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do everything possible to help with your inquiry.

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